UAV HAT - High altitude taxi

Fly with us into the next decade of advanced technology! ATTP is currently working on a co-development taxi/drone transportation system that utilizes fully autonomous cars, including an AI interface and VR / AR entertainment capabilities for passengers.


  • BOOST country’s economy: 
    • New development of software
    • Manufacturing hardware  
    • System integration  
    • Create commerce within each terminal station including parking structures/lots 
  • Replacing old infrastructure
  • Integrate multiple military applications with AI and VR technology
  • Fuel cell technology can be built in country, utilizing universities
  • Expand Technology into markets such as healthcare and government disaster relief


  • Transport Drone Taxi capable of transporting 15 people up to 4000 FT
    • Lightweight, aesthetically pleasing drivable and flyable vehicle
  • Sophisticated Learning Algorithm controlled system
  • Both Manual and Autonomous Aerial Vehicle taxis will drop the passenger off at the target location
    • Send a signal to that aircraft and control it and communicate with our scalable system
    • Capable of pilotless vehicle
  • A high-tech machine that helps people shed stress driving in congestion
  • We navigate the ever-evolving aviation


  • The manual and autonomous vehicle
    • Dual purpose vehicle
    • Robust taxi architecture
    • Pilotless vehicle capability
  • Reduces congestion and pollution in cities 
  • Machine learning and pattern recognition software 
  • Work with existing car protocols 
  •  New search and track algorithm
  • Guidance system controls movement of the vehicles on the roadway and sky
    • AI software
    • Simulate displacement in range utilizing probabilistic reasoning model and behavior model
    • Response software will simulate range: injected into the system receiver then captured real-time data


  • Looking for a manufacturing facility in-country
  • Looking to build a facility in country to manufacture transport technology
  • Engineering design and integration support
  • Trading partners
  • Selling technology