No one should ever again have to experience the horror and deaths of Parkland, Sandy Hook, Columbine, and Mandalay Bay Concert. 

ATTP has a solution: early detection and identification of guns (military-style) for schools and other public venues.  The human eye only sees objects in the visible spectrum. Our system detects long-range threats and in “real-time” can identify Guns (military-style rifles) including metal materials. The Mark system will alert authorities. 

Listed below are places for deployment of The Mark: Premier Monitor & Detection Weapon System technology that would be most effective.

 98,000 - Public schools
 50,000 - Federal Buildings

 294 - US Embassies/Consulates 

 39,356 Cinema screens in 5,463 sites 

 656 Drive-In screens in 393 sites 

 30,000 - Stadiums

The Mark system is innovative technology providing unprecedented information on the assailant and their weaponry. We provide what others cannot: a special blend of different processing technologies to handle fast streams of high-resolution imagery from our sensors. 




Identification by THE MARK

Identification by THE MARK